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Kids Shower Police With Happy Packets

Spreading joy at Vancouver Police Department

Yesterday, Vancouver Police were visited by a joyful group of elementary school kids who showered Happy Packets on the West Precinct.  Heart-covered bags for every employee of the Vancouver Police Department–caringly stuffed with personalized notes of appreciation, a Hersey’s chocolate kiss, a Bit-O-Honey and a Love Your Life card from The Joy Team–were handed out, left on desks or put in mail slots.

The personalized notes were written by members of The Junior Joy Team and close to 300 elementary school children from Hough Elementary in downtown Vancouver. Hough is partnering with us to boost our efforts of spreading joy, optimism and inspiration to millions.

Can letters and drawings from kids bring smiles to people who deal with trauma and crisis on a daily basis? We’ve been told they can! Here are a few comments we’ve already received:

Thank you so much for the card from Linessa and the other kids. You all made our day when we got into work tonight. Tell the kids that the reason were out here is for them. God Bless all of you. -D.

Thank you for the great picture, the letter, and the candy. I really appreciated it! I have the picture up in my office. -D.

I work for the Police Department and missed your visit yesterday. However, I did get the gift bag with the pretty picture drawn by Ellie. Please tell her that I loved the picture and really appreciate that she took the time to make it for me. Keep up the good work! -A.

I have to tell you, it was completely our pleasure!

Want to see some of the photos from the day?  Here’s the Facebook album.

The Junior Joy Team spread joy to all 260 employees of City Hall in February and created a video about the power of positive words in March.  What will we do next? Stay tuned…

One of the heart-warming drawings from a Hough Elementary student

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