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Joy=Health: Distance Healing Event Sunday

Happy people live longer, have better immune systems and resist disease more effectively. Being joyful, then, is a direct path to being healthy.

And when we’re happy and healthy we make choices that continue to support that health and happiness–it’s a wonderful cycle that ripples out and inspires others to make happy, healthy choices.

To that end, we’d like to offer resources to reinforce and encourage you in your journey to leading a happy, healthy, love-filled life.

Our first partner in this effort is Eric Robert. One of his many gifts is Distance Healing.

Quantum Physics and Distance Healing

Quantum physics has shown that at it’s very core, everything in the universe is made up of energy.  What appears to be solid–the chair, the table, your body–is actually tiny particles of energy moving at imperceptible speeds around empty space. At the quantum level, matter and energy are interchangeable.

Healing bodies through the movement of energy has been practiced for thousands of years by many Eastern cultures. Energy healing, or clearing, is becoming more and more appreciated in our Western culture and has been known to improve mental and physical health for many.

As part of our mission to spread joy, optimism and inspiration to millions, The Joy Team and Eric Robert  invite you to join in a very special remote clearing of energy: Distance Healing.

Visit the Distance Healing page to learn more and register for the December 5, 2010 healing; which you can participate in from wherever you are in the big, wide world.

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