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Chalk the Walks is held across the globe on the 3rd Tuesday in August each year as a project of The Joy Team.  Learn more at and find us on Facebook.

Join Chalk the Walks 2017 here.


Thousands of people worldwide will color the world happy with sidewalk chalk on August 15th 

On Tuesday, August 15th, sidewalks across the world will be covered in colorful, uplifting sentiments as thousands of people spend a little time chalking messages of inspiration, joy and love in an effort to make others smile.  Messages like: always bring your own sunshine, you are awesome, yes you can, you are loved, today I am thankful. The 6th annual international Chalk the Walks event happens anywhere and everywhere, all throughout the day.

What started as a small virtual event with 333 people in 2011 has grown to several thousand people who will individually chalk positive messages wherever they are and share them with each other on the Facebook event page.

This is a simple yet powerful way to put some happiness into the world. Write happy messages, have fun doing it, spread some joy while you’re at it. It makes people smile.  And creating an easy way for people to smile and feel happy, even if just briefly, releases stress-busting, immune-boosting hormones in our bodies.  It’s as good for our health as it is for our heart.

Chalk the Walks, a project of The Joy Team, is all about spreading joy, optimism and inspiration through the magical power of positive messages and sidewalk chalk.  The international event began in the heart of Vancouver, Washington, in 2011; and will continue there on Main Street this year from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Groups and organizations will be gathering together to infuse positivity into their communities with local Chalk the Walks events.  A list of those known to The Joy Team can be found here.

Being part of the joy-spreading movement is easy.  Just join the Facebook event, chalk uplifting messages on your walks on Tuesday, August 16th, take some photos and share your messages on the Chalk the Walks 2016 Facebook event page, creating a virtual playground of inspiration and optimism.

Anyone can host a Chalk the Walks event in their town and invite the community to join them. For more information or to download customizable even posters, visit

Join Chalk the Walks 2017 here.

See photos from the 2016 event here.


Community Partners

See who’s hosting a Chalk the Walks event here.


5 Responses so far.

  1. Brenda Tiefenthaler says:

    When is the 2013 Chalk the Walks being held? What are the boundaries? Will it go all the way downtown Vancouver?

  2. Eliza says:

    I love love this site and all that you are doing :). So funny as I had thought of randomly writing positive messages on sidewalks. Any rules on this? Can one do this legally any day of the year?

  3. michele says:

    Thanks, Eliza!

    You’ll want to check with your city to be sure chalking is ok. Believe it or not, chalking your sidewalk isn’t legal in every city.

  4. Helen Evans says:

    Hi helen from Lincoln England here, love what you guys do discovered it through a documentary on the original creator of the event. I am looking to do something similar here outside our beautiful cathedral, one of the oldest in the world. Any advice or encouragement greatly appreciated. I would love to host the event over here sometime in the future. Keep up the good work….spread the love….joy ?

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