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vancouver_say yes michele 03-2016_webMichele McKeag Larsen
Founder & Chief Joy Officer

Michele chooses joy at every opportunity–even in the absence of chocolate.  At the age of 33 (actually, more like 41) she discovered what she really wanted to do when she grew up: spread joy, optimism and inspiration to millions. In February of 2010 she made it official by founding The Joy Team.

Michele’s background includes being a Communicaitons Manager for ESD 112, State Director of Communications for March of Dimes, Publisher and Editor of NW Women’s Journal and NW Women’s Directory, a knitting catalog manager, visual program manager, marketing and graphics supervisor, lizard catcher, sun worshiper and, most notably, wife and mother.

(p) 503.724.7442    (e) michele (at) thejoyteam.org

The Joy Team Board of Directors
Bob Dingethal – formerly of Gifford Pinchot Task Force
Patricia Johnson – Education Consultant
Brian Larsen – Homework Construction Maintenance LLC
Michele McKeag Larsen, Chair, ESD 112
Carol McKeag, CPC – Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor
Ronnie Noize – DIY Marketing Center
Heather Strang – HeatherStrang.com

4 Responses so far.

  1. Nadya Burchette says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I just love, love, love what you have created!
    My dear friend Liza Tapp turned me towards you and your work recently as I shared with her a community project I’m taking on.

    My project is: The Floral Connection – Celebrating Seniors Through The Gift Of Flowers. A group of 25-50 volunteers and seniors will gather in December for a guided workshop in making 100 flower arrangements that will then be given to seniors as an act of joy and inspiration!

    I’m currently in the process of gathering volunteers, with floral donation requests to follow. If you have any volunteers that may be interested in participating in this community event, would you please send them my way?
    Also, any thoughts or advice on this process are greatly welcomed as this is my first project.

    Nadya Burchette
    503-709-0216 (cel w/texting)

  2. Barb McDowell says:

    Hi Michele…One idea you might like is to create window decals for cars. I did for the non-profit I work for and I see people driving around with them in their back windows. I got the static-cling ones so people were more likely to use them. Morel Ink in PDX printed ours. If you need more info, your mom has my contact info as well. I love you passion!

    Barb McDowell

  3. Clay Henry says:

    I’m a high school principal and I started the year with mantra for the year, Find the AMAZING in everything! I would love to spread the JOY across the country even in my small community of Benton City, Washington.

  4. Debbie Glab says:

    Michele, this is Debbie Glab, Director at the Hough SWCCC site. I was wondering if a representative from The Joy Team might be willing to come out to our Summeer Camp group combined at the Ben Franklin Elementary school SWCCC sites= sometime in August? Please contact me at cc.hough@esd112.org.
    I know the kids would really enjoy the message you would bring!
    Thank you so very much!!!
    Let’s spread JOY!
    (tell Taryn “hi!” from me)

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