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May is National Smile Month!

May is National Smile Month! We’re celebrating with this billboard on SE Grand and Morrison in Portland, Oregon. We have just one agenda here: giving people one more reason to smile. This message is hand-drawn by Ava, an original member of the Junior Joy Team and master joy-spreader. While this billboard marks the last in our series with Awesome Portland, […]

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Joy To The World…ala The Joy Team

Christmas is just one week from today and I find I’m singing Joy to the World in my head with increasing frequency the closer it gets. I just can’t help myself.  But because I can’t remember all the words I keep making up different ones. Fun, playful, joyful words.  And I put them down on paper.  Then I invited people […]

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Today is Make a Difference Day

Today, October 22nd, is Make a Difference day–a great opportunity to put forth a special effort to do something to make a difference for someone else. Want some ideas? How about: giving a smile and a genuine “hello” to a few strangers taking a plate of cookies to a friend who had a tough week send a hand-written note to […]

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