Spring 2013 Billboards



Beginning the last week in February of 2013, 20 billboards with positive messages started popping up around the Portland-Vancouver metro area. Sponsored by Clear Channel, The Joy Team and 11 other organizations / people, these billboards have the sole purpose of spreading joy, optimism and inspiration.

Here’s where they posted:

Week of 2/25

  • Celestial: Laugh Out Loud – panel 81062 on TV Hwy 8 and 48th Avenue NS F/E
  • DIY Marketing: Something Wonderful- panel 81063 TV Hwy 8 200 ft W/O 48th Av NS F/W


Week of 3/4

  • CLS Carol: be-YOU-tiful – panel 85539 SE Foster Fd 100 ft W/O 91st Av NS F/W-1
  • CLS Carol: I am thankful – panel 86569 SE 148th Av 100 ft N/O Division St WS F/N-2
  • Crowning Comm: One Kind Word – panel 89050 NE Sandy Blvd 50 ft E/O NE 116th Av NS F/W-1
  • DIY Marketing: Cultivate your awesomeness – panel 93386 N Lombard St 180 ft W/O Albina Av SS F/E-1
  • Gifford Pinchot TF: Breathe in Love – panel 80487, SW 18th Av 100 ft S/O Taylor St ES F/S-4


Week of 3/25

  • Portland Store Fixtures: Laugh Out Loud – panel 087067, NE Hogan Ave 179 ft N/O Division St ES F/S-1
  • Portland Store Fixtures: Something Wonderful – panel 087213, SE Stark St 100 ft W/O 220th Ave NS F/W-1
  • Rose City Mortgage: Laugh Out Loud – panel 087832, SE Stark St 100 ft W/O 141st Ave NS F/W-1
  • Rose City Mortgage: Something Wonderful – panel 087937, SE 122nd Ave 145 ft N/O Market St WS F/S-1
  • Singing Leaf: Something Wonderful – panel 088761, NE 102nd Ave 450 ft S/O Glisan St WS F/N-2
  • Total Merchant Concepts: Be-YOU-tiful – panel 088966, NE Halsey St 40 ft W/O 116th Pl NS F/W-1
  • Total Merchant Concepts: I am Thankful – panel 089092, NE Sandy Blvd 100 ft W/O 105th Av NS F/E-2
  • Pat Johnson: Celebrate – panel 089239, NE Sandy Blvd 110 ft E/O 86th Ave NS F/W-1
  • The Joy Team: Smile – panel 089610, NE Lombard St 50 ft E/O 52nd Ave NS F/E-2
  • The Joy Team: Be the Good – panel 094020, NW St Helens Rd 200 ft N/O 64th Ave WS F/S-1
  • The Joy Team: Be Happy – panel 094354, NW Front Ave .23 mi N/O NW Nicolai St WS F/N-2


Week of 4/8

  • Hough Elementary: One Kind Word – panel 093406, N Lombard St 270 ft W/O Montana Ave NS F/E-1


Week of 4/22

  • Portland Store Fixtures: Cultivate Your Awesomeness – panel 089761, NE 82nd Ave 100 ft S/O Killingsworth WS F/N-2


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“20 joyful billboards rolled out in the Portland-Vancouver area”

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