Appreciation for The Joy Team

It makes us so happy to know what we’re doing makes a difference for people. Here are some comments of appreciation from people for the joy we’re spreading.

Love what we’re doing? Let us know and we’ll add your comments here.

November 2010

I was one of those who recently came late in the rain to have my photo taken. It is heartwarming for me to know both you and the Joy project team are working in our community. Just the reminder of the possibilty of joy, through the simple word itself, recalls the reality in me. Thank you.
-Charles W. 11/26/10

We just saw one of your billboards on Grand in Portland. It made my husband sing. He really did sing “We’ve got joy, joy, joy, joy, joy in our hearts.”
-Donna L.  11/20/10

CoachCrowning wishes you JOY! Drove by my billboard this morning and now I’m just all smiles; thinking of all the smiles and sparks of hope it may bring to passers by. Yippee! Thanks to the JOY Team to make this possible.
BerryKruijning 11/18/10

October 2010

Great work Joy Team! What a great contribution you’re making.
Nancy Grant 10/19/10

You are totally Awesome, Totally!
-Paige G. 10/8/10

September 2010

I just love your organization and the fantastic messages that are out there. I drive by them and just smile…I’ve also printed out a number of these posters to strategically place around work…so great when you hear people saying positive things and smiling when they see them!
-Kenda Harris 9/14/10

I saw your lovely billboard on NW Nicolai St. in Portland (Shine brightly) and checked out your site. Excellent ad that triggers positive thought and energy. Very well done.
–William R. 9/11/10

I just noticed this wonderful bill board as it happened to be located by my husband’s favorite wood store. It reads “SHINE BRIGHTLY” and it is by none other than my favorite marketing coach Ronnie Noize at Soho Marketing Guru!
— Conde B. 9/4/10

August 2010

The Joy Team is amazing! Check out these beautiful, love-filled billboards in Portland, OR!
Kristin Flickinger 8/20/10

This is so awesome! Thank you for sharing your vision! Just saw a billboard on SE Division near 112th. Looking for another great way to experience more joy? Check out one of the local Portland area Laughter Yoga Clubs!
Andrea Crisp 8/10/10

July 2010

what fun! what joy! *-)
–Claudi C. 7/19/10

Smile…spread the joy! They are contagious.
Kat Schon 7/12/10

June 2010

That’s the billboard in my neighborhood that I have been enjoying daily!! Thanx Roy and Skai!!!!
Lisa Brooking 6/21/10

May 2010

First I wish to say thank you for extending joy into our world! I am simply honored to be a part of this journey by donating!!!! …I commend you for what you are doing to make a positive change in our world!
Sharla J. Vellek 5/11/10

April 2010

I LOVE IT!  I LOVE the concept of the Joy Team!!!  Nice work!
–Ian H. 4/23/10

Thank you for your billboards! I was touched…
Christine T. 4/15/10

Hey, there’s a billboard right near my house on SE 112th and Division -just noticed it today!!!! thanx for spreading joy in my ‘hood!!!
Lisa Brooking 4/15/10

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