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How positive messages on billboards are making a difference.

The power of words is undeniable. Spoken or read, words influence our thoughts on a deep level. That’s important because our thoughts affect our beliefs, the way we speak and the actions we take; which in turn shapes the circumstances and events of our lives. Put some positive messages up on bright yellow billboards, drive by them on your daily commute […]

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Sidewalk Chalk Project spreads joy every day

tell a happy story

The Sidewalk Chalk Project is doing some amazingly beautiful joy spreading! Every day for over a year this woman has chalked a positive message in hopes of giving others a lift, a smile, some hope. I found this video on their Facebook page.  I might just watch it every morning.  Starting the day with all these positive messages could do wonders. […]

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A comment from Kenda & a FREE poster reminder

Yesterday we got some love from Kenda Harris; which reminded us about the FREE posters you can print out and put up to spread joy at work, school, home or anywhere! I just love your organization and the fantastic messages that are out there. I drive by them and just smile…I’ve also printed out a number of these posters to […]

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Joy on The Street

Here are two guys who take spreading joy through compliments to the next level. Thank you, Compliment Guys, for spreading joy, optimism and inspiration!

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We’ve added a Photo Gallery

Haven’t gone around to see all the billboards yet? Don’t live close enough to drive by? We got you covered. Take a look at our new photo gallery to see the billboards out on the street where they belong–spreading joy.

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