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Joy Matters: Optimism 2.0

One of my favorite magazines is Ode, the magazine for intelligent optimists. In their September issue was an article by Mary Desmond Pinkowish about why joy matters. Here’s a brief excerpt, but I think you’ll want to read the whole article on Ode’s website. Optimism 2.0 How an optimistic outlook can help improve your state of health, not just your […]

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Joy Matters: Not just as a pursuit, but as a duty

Joy matters.  We know that. Jeanie Miley knows it too. Admittedly, some people are temperamentally more inclined toward happiness than others, but I’m seeing more and more that being happy has a lot to do with the choices I make, day by day. I’m seeing how much my moods affect those with whom I am in contact, conversation or communication […]

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