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Portland Billboard Reminds Us: Life is Amazing

HeatherStrang_AnythingIsPossibleResearch shows happiness leads to success in nearly every domain of our lives; including marriage, health, friendship, community involvement, creativity and, in particular, our jobs, careers and businesses.  Portland-based author Heather Strang lives this truth and has a mission to inspire and support people to be, do and have everything their hearts truly desire.  She does this internationally, one on one, in group events and through her books. And now she’s doing it through a powerful message on a billboard.  The big yellow board in the middle of Portland affirms, “Anything is possible. Anything”. It’s one of the optimistic billboards put up every month by local positive thought organization, The Joy Team, and can be found on the corner of SE Grand and SE Morrison Street.

“I’m committed to spreading uplifting messages throughout the world, and partnering with The Joy Team provides me with opportunities to live and share my mission even more fully. With the launch of my latest novel, The Quest, and the expansion of my teaching;  a billboard with The Joy Team was an easy ‘yes!'” said Heather.  “It’s each of our responsibility to spread joy and positivity everywhere we go.”

Why this particular message that anything is possible?  Heather explains, “This life is amazing and we all deserve to have those reminders!”

The Joy Team began its joyful ad campaign in 2010 with clusters of billboards over a few years. Starting in October of 2013, the positive thought organization began maintaining a billboard a month to make the inspiration a constant force in the community. Billboard locations and photos can be found as available at TheJoyTeam.org.

Native Portlander, Heather Strang is an author, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Shambhala Multidimensional Reiki Healer. Her books include The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic (currently being optioned as a feature-length film), Following Bliss” and Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems.

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