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Our kids have a few messages for US Congress

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At an October Junior Joy Team meeting, we decided the people in D.C. could really use some joy, optimism and inspiration; and who better to offer it than us? There are 540 members of Congress, each one of them and our President will get a Happy Packet between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For this project, we talked a little about how Congress works, what they do and how it translates into our everyday lives. The kids made cards noting what they are thankful for that is under the control of our Congress.  While we normally focus on local groups to appreciate, this project is helping our kids to learn about how our society works on a larger scale; and it’s a wonderful way to let Congress know that their young constituents are impacted by, and thankful for, their efforts.  If they’re anything like so many of the local recipients of our Happy Packets, they’ll keep the kids’ cards on their desks and it will remind them why they’re there.

We could mail these Happy Packets, but the members of The Junior Joy Team really want to hand-deliver their bags of joy and appreciation and see the nation’s Capitol–for most of our kids it will be the first time.

We have 11 kids on our team and would LOVE to take them all. Would YOU like to help us take the kids to hand-deliver Happy Packets to US Congress and President Obama? We could put to very good use your donations of :

  • airline miles
  • airline tickets
  • money to pay for tickets, hotel rooms and cab fare while we’re there
  • corporate sponsorships gladly accepted (your logo will go on the t-shirts we wear to deliver the Happy Packets)


Taryn, Lucy and Kellen made a couple videos asking for your help. You can watch them here:

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