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DIY Joy: Cultivate Acceptance

Dana Layon's Weekly Om

If you want to be happy, there are a more than a few things you’ll need to accept, just as they are. The people in our lives are very possibly one of the most challenging things to accept “as is”.

“If only he would do this…”

“Why can’t she just see it this way?”

“I wish he was more like…”

These are not thoughts that lead us to joy.

Cultivating acceptance, on the other hand, is one way to live a joyful life. We have a lot more room for happiness when judgement isn’t taking up residence in our heads and hearts.

Dana Layon, a local yogini, beautiful soul and dear friend of mine, writes a Weekly Om sharing her insights and experiences. Last week’s does a wonderful job of expressing the value of accepting the people in our lives just as they are. Read it here.

If it speaks to you, you can sign up for your very own Weekly Oms here.

Tonight at 7:30 pm at Lucy Activewear she’s releasing book 4 of a 7 book series of her Weekly Oms relating to the 7 chakras. If you’re in the mood to connect with some wonderful people, I recommend attending. Click here for more details.

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