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Carol believes YOU make a difference

Carol McKeag and her billboard

Carol McKeag of Coaching for Life & Spirit believes YOU make a difference in this world.  She believes it so much she sponsored a billboard from The Joy Team to tell you.

Carol is a life coach, Living Your Vision coach and spiritual mentor. In addition to helping you see your own brilliance and find your center, she can unite you in marriage to the one you love.

Here’s Carol’s approach to life:

I am 100% committed to living my life joyfully, vibrantly, creatively and fully each and every day, contributing to the peace and spiritual growth of the planet.

You can see this billboard in Portland on N Interstate Ave, 50 feet north of Webster.  She also sponsored two other billboards in Portland: one on SE 82nd Ave, 100 ft north of Ogden St and another on SE Foster Rd, 150 feet west of 51st Ave.

Thank you, Carol, for spreading joy, optimism and inspiration!

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Theresa says:

    I feel joyful just looking at this sign!!! Carol, you look so tiny!!!
    Thank you for spreading JOY!!!!

  2. Carol says:

    That’s the advantage of being up so high. It was great fun. I loved it. I believe it.

  3. What a great sign and picture! You seem to be exuding joy from every pore these days! Please visit soon; I’d love to catch up in person.

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