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The Joy Team’s goal is to unify and uplift communities by placing intentional messages of love, kindness and joy in the public eye.

Why positive messages?
Positive messages influence our thoughts. Our thoughts affect our beliefs, the words we speak and the actions we take; which shape the circumstances and events of our lives.  Happier, more optimistic thoughts lead to happier, more optimistic people.  Why does happiness matter?  Not only does research show the health benefits are huge; but it also shows happiness leads to success in nearly every domain of our lives; including marriage, friendship, community involvement, creativity and, in particular, our jobs, careers and businesses.

Why billboards?
Billboard advertising works. You can’t turn it off, fast forward it or mute it. If you drive by it, you see it. Most people can’t help reading something they see, it’s automatic.  Want to share a happy thought?  A billboard is an excellent way to do it.

Underwrite a billboard. You know you want to.

When you underwrite a billboard, you’re partnering with us to cause hundreds of thousands (literally, hundreds of thousands) of spontaneous smiles with our positive messages. Smiling is proven to lead to happiness, and happiness is proven to lead to all kinds of good things. One thing leads to another and before you know it the whole world’s cup runneth over.  And there’s more! Your contribution also helps us to deliver Happy Packets to people working hard in our community and to give PB & JOY (peanut butter wrapped in inspiring messages) to hungry children.  It’s some of the happiest multi-tasking you can do.

To get started, chose one of these options:

$ Option 1 – A positive message of The Joy Team’s choosing goes up in the city you select.

$$ Option 2 – A positive message of your choosing from our list of options goes up in the city you select.

$$$ Option 3 – Together we customize a positive message exclusive to you, subject to approval by The Joy Team.

The contribution amount to underwrite a billboard depends on the option selection above and the location for the billboard (see list below).  Contact Michele McKeag Larsen for specifics.

All billboards are on a space-available basis.  Opportunities are offered first to The Joy Team members at the following levels: Happy Campers, Joy Spreaders, Awesome Joy Spreaders and Freaking Awesome Joy Spreaders.

Billboard Locations


  • Champaign


  • Baltimore


  • Portland
  • Salem


  • Vancouver

More coming soon…

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    So very awesome!!

  2. I am interested in the price for the option 1 in vancouver wa

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