2014 Billboards

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We began 2014 with billboards still running from our Awesome Portland campaign. With the start of what has become a goal to keep at least one positive message billboard up each month, the Awesome Portland campaign began in October 2013 and wenth through May 2014.

The Be Happy billboard run continues with help from local businesses who want to be part of spreading joy, optimism and inspiration.  Here’s our schedule for June through December:

  • “You are so freaking awesome ” in June – Rose City Mortgage
    • N Vancouver Ave, 147 feet South of Alberta Street, facing North on the West side
  • “Believe in yourself ” in July – Kim’s Taekwon Do Portland
    • NE Sandy Blvd, 130 feet West of Wasco Street, on the North side facing East
  • “You are loved” in August – Coaching for Life & Spirit
    • SE Madison St, 15 ft West of SE 11th, North side facing East
  • “Anything is possible” in September – local author, Heather Strang
    • SE Grand Ave, 25 feet North of Morrison St, East side facing South
  • “Be excellent to each other” in October – DIY Marketing Center
  • “You make a difference” in November – Singing Leaf
  • “JOY: give more, get more” in December – Claire and Dennis Rodman


“Billboards from June – December of 2014, following the Awesome Portland campaign (October 2013 – May 2014)”

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