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A comment from Kenda & a FREE poster reminder

FREE poster samples

Yesterday we got some love from Kenda Harris; which reminded us about the FREE posters you can print out and put up to spread joy at work, school, home or anywhere!

I just love your organization and the fantastic messages that are out there. I drive by them and just smile…I’ve also printed out a number of these posters to strategically place around work…so great when you hear people saying positive things and smiling when they see them!
-Kenda Harris 9/14/10

Thank YOU, Kenda, for spreading joy.

So, what are you waiting for? Print out a poster or two and put it up.  If you send us a photo and let us know where you’re spreading joy, we’ll post it here and share it.

And remember, there’s a co-branding option for each poster with blank space for you to add your own message or logo on the bottom. How cool is that?

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